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Christian Life Coaching
What is a Certified Christian Life Coach?
Christian Life Coaching is all about helping people get from where they are in the lives to where they want to be.  If everyone was honest with themselves, we could all do with improving an area or two of our lives. Everyone knows (usually) what to do in life to become more successful but they don't do what they know.
It if the Life Coach's job to help people get what they want in life by breaking down the barriers that people impose on themselves. Christian life coaches serve their clients through the love of Jesus Christ in a faith-based, and Biblical approach.
Coaching is forward looking and focused on the action we are willing to take to get what we want out of life. Sometimes we just can't see the forest for the trees!  We are so wrapped up in everyday life, that indeed, life passes us by!  Coaching enables us to see different alternatives and to take a step back and actually examine our lives and all of its component parts.  This in turn leads to greater self-awareness, focus, and accountability.  This leads us to engage and move forward!
A faith-based life coach is...
Your personal life trainer to enable you to achieve your goals.
Your trainer in communication and life skills.
Your sounding board when making important decisions.
Your motivation when strong actions are called for.
Your unconditional support when you take a hit.
Your companion in personal development and goal setting.
Your beacon and friend during stormy times!
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